mary lou pavlovic


1989 B.A. Painting Canberra Institute of Art
1996 M.A. Fine Arts, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Solo Exhibitions


Philistine Jenny Port Gallery, Melbourne


Conny Dietzschold Gallery Sydney


Julie Panini Performs (Performancefor "This Crazy Love' opening night) Linden Art Gallery Melbourne


Terms of Endearment at Rules of Engagement outside Westspace Melbourne


Fab Art Darling xx Celebration Exhibition and Mailout  Counterpoint Melbourne


PavModern is Added Value Australian Art Collector Magazine 50 Most Collectable Artists Issue Jan 2007


The Banner Project Public Art Project  Melbourne
Let the Protests Begin: PavModern, Art Museums and the Games
Poster project outside Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne


Sky Writing Project over National Gallery Victoria


Performance outside Australian Centre for Contemporary Art


AFL Grand Final Sky Writing Project, Melbourne Cricket Ground Melbourne
Mary Lou Mini POL Oxygen Magazine and Mini Project for Sydney
Esquisse Art and Design Festival, Sydney  and Federation Square, Melbourne    


Art Only on Sundays Event Season Australian Centre for Photography Sydney
Liar!, Public Art Project, Melbourne


I Want To Play With Boys, Niagara Galleries, Melbourne


Identity, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney


The Briefcase, Simon Barney, Sydney


Sweet Anarchy, The Australian Embassy, Tokyo.
Small Works for Small People, Talk Artists Initiative, Melbourne


Small Works for Small People, Room 35, Gitte Weise, Sydney


Throw Brother from the Train, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne


New Videos, Artspace, Sydney


Recent Work, Linden Gallery, Melbourne
Recent Work, Room Four Gallery, Melbourne


Untitled Installation, Royal Academy of Art, London


Mixing Dust, Canberra Theatre, ACT



Installations, with Nike Savass, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Cologne


Internationale Photoszene ’98, with Tracey Moffat, Die Weisse Galerie, Cologne
Mary Mary Quite Contrary, with Mary Anne Francis, Gasworks Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions


Eye to I Ballarat  Fine Art Gallery VIC and touring


Recent Aquisitions City of Port Phillip Linden Gallery VIC


Material Boys and Girls, Deloitte Offices Sydney


The Shangri-La Collective, Green Papaya Art Centre,  The Phillipines


Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Woollahra Municipal Council, Sydney


Imaging the Apple, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Victoria and touring


New Works Hazelhurst Regional Gallery NSW


Southside Art, Deputy Premier John Thwaites Office, Melbourne


The Shangri La Collective, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
ABN Amro Emerging Artists Award, ABN Amro Tower, Sydney


Art Cologne Conny Dietzschold Gallery Sydney, Cologne
Six Australian Artists Conny Dietzschold Gallery Cologne
La Trobe University Collection, La Trobe University VIC


Melbourne Art Fair 2002, Conny Dietzschold Gallery


Sculptures, Objects, Installations, 12 Galleries Sculpture Exhibition,


Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
Sculpture, 12 Galleries Sculpture Exhibition, Campbelltown City
Bicentennial Art Gallery, NSW


Fallout, Victorian College of the Arts Gallery, Melbourne
The Multiple Box, Sydney


Melbourne Art Fair 2000, Conny Dietzschold Gallery
The Retrieved Object, curated by Elizabeth Gower, Linden Gallery, Melbourne
Threads of Humanity, Wollongong City Gallery, NSW


Sci Art ’99, Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festival, Queensland Sciencentre, Brisbane


Family Credit, Edinburgh Festival Exhibition, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh


Pandemonium, British Showcase of Contemporary Video Art, LUX Cinema, London Electronic Arts Gallery, UK
Surveillance, Artspace, Sydney


Internationale Photoszene ’97, Die Weisse Galerie, Cologne


MA Degree Show, Goldsmiths College, London
Perseverance Works, Charity House, London


Discrete Entity, Canberra Institute of the Arts, ACT



Geoff Wallis, Exhibition Catalogue, Eye to I  Ballarat Fine Art Gallery 2007

Mary Anne Francis, The Banner Project   Eyeline winter 2007

Richard Tipping SkyWriting Artlink  volume 27 no.1 2007

Gabriella Coslovic "Is there a Fine Art to Sportmanship?"

The Age,  P.19 Fri 23rd Feb 2007

Virginia Baxter, 'Acting Up - Mary Lou Pavlovic'  Realtime no. 77 feb - march 2007

St Kilda's Disenfranchised Speak Up Artshub Friday Oct.6 2006

Megan Backhouse, Protest Art The Age 29 Jan 2006

PavModern to Protest Games Artshub Wed 25th January 2006

Sam Edmonds, Message for MCG Fans Melbourne Herald Sun 22 Sep 2005

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Going Dotty – Metro The Age 21 June 2005

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Port Phillip Cultural Development Grant


Australia Business Arts Foundation for AFL Grand Final Sky Writing


British Council, for Pavmodern
Reichstein Foundation, for Liar! Public art project
Australia Business Art Foundation, for Liar! Public art project


British Council Grant, for Matthew Collings Australian Tour
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Cultural Awards Scheme
Victorian College of the Arts Teaching and Learning Initiative


Victorian College of the Arts Research Grant


Australian Embassy Bonn Cultural Grant


City of Port Phillip Collection

La Trobe University Collection

Hobbs Collection, Australia

Sidler Collection, Australia

Vierhig Fluxus Collection, Cologne

Johnnie Walker Collection, Tokyo

Private Collections, Australia and New Zealand