steve cox

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Steve Cox’s primary interest is in the psychology of the human being in extreme states. His early work dealt with the aberrant psychology of murderers and their victims. In 1987 he staged an exhibition of paintings about the British Moors murderers. In 1995, his exhibition "Kinderspiel" (Child’s Play) dealt exclusively with the subject of children who kill other children. His 1996 Masters thesis was entitled "Murder and Art: the Causal Links". It drew parallels between the creative mind of the artist and the murderous mind of the serial killer.

More recently, his work has explored the phenomena of dance culture and the chemicals that fuel it. This subject has spawned five exhibitions, most notably, "Rave: Club Culture" (2000), "Ecstasy: a celebration" (2001) and "Confessions of a Raving Lunatic" (2002). There has always been a strong interest in homoeroticism within and throughout his work. His sometimes confronting 1996 exhibition "Testosterone Zone" explored the boundaries of the nude male and the still existing taboo of representing male nudity and male genitalia.

Cox is currently writing a PhD thesis which explores the suppression of homoerotic imagery in western art and the ways that artists have found to circumvent this.