a blossoming

12 august - 29 august, 2009

by andrew cooks


Andrew Cooks uses the model of the garden to deal with the creation of fictive spaces. The Pleasure Garden is a real and imagined place; a theatre of culture; nature and artifice.

Gardens are investigations of depth and invitations to movement. Each part of a garden may be seen from infinite viewpoints. As we move through the garden it is in an ongoing state of becoming. Our experience unfolds in time.

Cooks seeks to render this world in a fluid and transitional sense. Taking a dynamic, Baroque approach to space, he uses systems of representation from art, architecture and geography; site maps, plans, elevations, isometric/axonometric projection, perspective, anamorphosis and satellite coordinates, are all exploited to create paintings which refer to the ontological experience of being in ‘an imagined garden’.

His vocabulary merges fragments of Persian and French formal garden designs, together with textile and ceramic patterns, and figures at leisure. Using text from poetry and names, the artist suggests further connective layers of meaning.

Focusing on the passage of time to provoke memory and movement, the artist aims to create images in a state of flux, allowing slippage between remembering and forgetting. 

Andrew Cooks is an Australian who lives and teaches in New York City. He visits Australia annually and has recently commenced his PhD at Monash University.


Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

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a Blossoming - panel 5


a Blossoming - panel 3 (detail)


a Blossoming - panel 6







a Blossoming - panel 7 (detail)   a Blossoming - panel 8   a Blossoming - panel 9