21 November - 15 December, 2007

A Group Show and Year End Celebration

Breathing Space takes a look at the space in between: at reflections, through filtered lenses, into negative space, and around physical and contextual distance.

In pictorial terms Ruiz's paintings describe the figure through the raw paint and memory that surrounds them. Far from floating in empty space, these bodies are both situated in and understood through their fields of color. Like Ruiz, Glenn Murray's and Jeph Neale's sculptures are described as much by their structure as they are by their cavities. The porous vessels they create seem to equally affect and be affected by the environments around them, as if gently questioning their containment.

Laura di Florio's and Sophia Szilagyi's photographic work almost physically reveals the expansiveness of space. Through very different means these artists layer and creatively reinvent landscape. Simon Collins' paintings view the world in a similar manner, yet he trades Holgas for Peugeouts and viewfinders for chrome fenders and polished hubs.

Less concrete, but perhaps more central to the work is the breathing space inherent in assemblage. Dyson's collaged subjects are carefully cut from their native habitats and repotted into something of a Lewis Carroll farce. Silvester's work, though it is realized sculpturally, uses analogous methods. Historical imagery and fact is rearranged and presented to allow for the reevaluation of its original construction. While we are inspecting the past, digitally cloned Naomie Sunners focuses our attention on present issues of stereotype, identity and sexuality.

Simon Collins
Laura di Florio
Lucy Dyson
Glenn Murray
Jeph Neale
Paul W. Ruiz
Julia Silvester
Naomie Sunner
Sophia Szilagyi

Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes

Sophia Szilagyi, Night Sky

Glenn Murray, Continuum

Lucy Dyson, Up Soldier Tree

Jeph Neale, Postive Difference

Simon Collins, Apparition (Carlton)

Naomie Sunner, It's Either You Or Us

Paul W Ruiz, Cerca Human Study-Kelly (detail)