4 July - 28 July, 2007

Drawings by Vito Manfredi

Conference is as much an experiment as it is an exploration. With soft pastel pinks and fleshy tones Vito Manfredi fancifully reorganizes natural systems. Round organic forms share a surface with roughly hewn mineral deposits. Pores are traded for moon-like craters and flowers bud from smooth curves of skin.

Vito’s transformations are innocent evolutions. He composes and recontextualizes: fusing oddly familiar shapes into bizarre amalgams. The finished entity is not as a collection of parts, but rather a complete whole – a reinvention and reconciliation of systems – a functioning organism.

Conference calls us to inspect a flap of skin with new eyes and intentions. The work posits that plant, mineral and animal can co-exist in one arrangement. It advocates reformation and supports any compromise that lends to new possibilities.

Vito Manfredi is a Melbourne based artist who has exhibited his work domestically and internationally for many years. Conference will be his first Melbourne show for 2007.

Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes

Vito Manfredi, Blister

Vito Manfredi, Gland

Vito Manfredi, Joint

Vito Manfredi, Sac

Vito Manfredi, Three Peaks

Vito Manfredi, Lost Rabbit

Vito Manfredi, Dog

Vito Manfredi, Swift

Vito Manfredi, Essential Organ

Vito Manfredi, Patient

Vito Manfredi, Conference

Vito Manfredi, Peer Group

Vito Manfredi, Promontory

Vito Manfredi, Sleep

Vito Manfredi, Smile

Vito Manfredi, Emergence

Vito Manfredi, Two Peaks

Vito Manfredi, I must be crazy

Vito Manfredi, Digits