31 march - 10 april, 2010

Work by cath brophy

“Cupola” - the central work of an installation of three mixed-media drawings on paper - features motifs originally drawn from architectural sources, in particular the shape and construction of the dome, an architectural feature that is widely used in monuments, public and religious architecture.  The dome is a powerful and widespread symbol derived from the combination of several archetypal shapes – the cross, square and circle – into one motif, situated around a central axis. 

The installation is comprised of multiple geometric elements, which create a variety of complex interlocking voids and aim to explore an experience of interior space.  The monumentality of the installation attempts to evoke a physical response to its scale.  The experience of being surrounded by the images and simultaneously aware of the space the body occupies in relation to these objects, is central to the installation.

While the drawing is the artist’s creative response to aspects of architecture, individual elements of the drawings also strongly allude to recollections of place, evocations of the spiritual, comparisons with the macrocosmic - the stellar, the celestial - or associations with the microcosmic – the cellular, the particular – opening up myriad interpretations through the filter of the viewer’s personal experience.

Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

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