30 april - 24 may, 2008 EXTENDED TO 31 MAY

Drawings by Vito Manfredi

Vito Manfredi’s fragmented body parts are massaged and melded into bizarre organic forms.  Rendered in soft pastel colours (watercolour pencils) the viewer is seduced by the delicate nature of each image, only to be confronted, on closer inspection, with scrotal stubble and dripping teats.

Manfredi’s bizarre and bulbous body reformations offer a glimpse of what might happen when the human body is passed through a cartoon grinder.  His images are disturbing, yet strangely familiar to those raised on a diet of Disney, Warner Bros and Dr. Suess.  Manfredi’s creatures seem innocent and playful, yet eroticized, offering the viewer a challenging view of a potent new world.

Vito Manfredi is a Melbourne based artist who has exhibited his work nationally and internationally for many years.  He has been shortlisted for the 2008 Mornington Peninsula Works on Paper Prize.  Delirium will be his second solo exhibition at Jenny Port Gallery.


Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes

Vito Manfredi,Bird

Vito Manfredi, Clear Spot

Vito Manfredi, Delirium (detail)

Vito Manfredi, Formation

Vito Manfredi, Liquid

Vito Manfredi, Snout

Vito Manfredi, Siblings

Vito Manfredi,Two birds and expression

Vito Manfredi, Visage