head land

2 september - 26 september, 2009

chantal faust

head land is a new series of large-scale colour photographs by Chantal Faust. The images have been created without a camera and continue her work with a flatbed scanner as an image-making machine. Where the lens-based camera requires distance in order to see, the eye of the scanner demands immediate proximity. These images use this guise of apparent closeness as a means to explore changing notions of looking and desire associated with the contemporary viewing of photographs. Through an impossibly shallow depth-of-field, Faust’s works intimate an intimacy between figure and apparatus. At the same time, the presence of the transparent glass of the flatbed is made solid, blatant and a tangible mediator through the traces and moments of direct contact that make visible its presence as a surface. Through the representation of a simultaneous closeness and distance, head land offers a consideration of the possibility of a stylisation of intimacy, a reflection on a contemporary look of love, and what this can possibly mean today in a world where we can never get close enough to that thing contained inside of an image.

Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes

Chantal Faust, Hula-Hula Horse
Chantal Faust, On fire
Chantal Faust, Pandanus Menorah

Chantal Faust, Head spin

Chantal Faust, Tiki

Chantal Faust, Pink Tsuru