Inaugural Exhibition

7 March - 31 March, 2007

Jenny Port Gallery opened its doors for the first time on March 7, 2007 showcasing twelve artists selected from the red gallery program. The exhibition was officially launched by Warwick Reeder, Director or Reeder Fine Art and former Director of Heide Museum of Modern Art.

The opening exhibition at JPG comprised the following artists:

Shirley Cass
Laura di Florio
Daniel Dorall
Lucy Irvine
Louisa Jenkinson
Michael Mark
Cat Poljski
Jackie Ralph
Paul Ruiz
Julia Silvester
Nora Sumberg
Naomie Sunner

Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes

Lucy Irvine, Soft Quad #2

Cat Poljski, Citta Verde

Julia Silvester, Brings Forth Fruit

Naomie Sunner, When You Are Ready

Paul W Ruiz, December Untitled II

Nora Sumberg, Frequencies

Laura DiFlorio, Untitled (detail)

Louisa Jenkinson, Prarie Dog Down

Paul W Ruiz, Canto - Human Study XXIV

Nora Sumberg, Mostly Awake

Daniel Dorall, Dirty Laundry

Cat Poljski, Tracing Space: NY, NY (detail)

Jackie Ralph, Sumo Throwing Salt 7

Paul W Ruiz, Canto - Human Study XXIII

Nora Sumberg, Baltic Blue

Shirley Cass, Cut Me

Michael Mark, Maya Observed

Julia Silvester, Salvia Officinalis - Sage

Louisa Jenkinson, Zebra Down

Cat Poljski, Archetype for Tracing Space IV (detail)

Daniel Dorall, Field

Julia Silvester, Hildegarde's Garden

Paul W Ruiz, Guantanamo Silence

Naomie Sunner, Choke