instructional guide to femininity

1 july - 18 july 2009

New Work by Naomie Sunner

In a new take on her tradition of multiple self-portraits, Naomie Sunner’s Instructional Guide to Femininity is an exploration of the elements that constitute the idea of ‘feminine’. 

Using a process she calls ‘performative photography’, Naomie Sunner uses gestures and costumes to play numerous roles in private for her camera. 

A large-scale photographic installation, Instructional Guide to Femininity: 2541 Easy Steps, is the resulting document of Sunner’s acting out of various femininities.  The work catalogues her performance of archetypal roles within 2541 images, which en masse betrays these roles as artifice.  Her two video works expose the limitations of contemporary definitions of ‘woman’, and reveal the artist’s real-life failures to fit within these roles. 

Instructional Guide to Femininity is the final work of Naomie Sunner’s Masters by Reseach into gender performativity. It is a celebration of diversity of identities, and a parody of the roles to which we all conform in order to ‘fit in’.  

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Exhibition Images

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