leave your little heart in the lost and found

8 - 25 september, 2010

sandra minchin

Contemporary Irish artist Sandra Minchin seeks to activate the unconscious emotions, desires and compulsions that exist between the two worlds of fantasy and reality. Expanding upon her ‘Snow White and the Sleeping Beauties’ series of 2008, Minchin’s new installation Leave Your Little Heart in the Lost and Found is a tale of desire and memory that unfolds in a dream-like state.  Imbued with a darkly gothic, fairy-tale aesthetic, this exhibition features video, lithography and mixed media works that reflect upon the inability to distinguish between what is remembered and what is longed for.  

Sandra Minchin is a visual artist and curator based in Cork, Ireland. Well-known for her installation, performance and photography works, Minchin has held group and solo exhibitions in Ireland, Italy, Poland, Berlin, Amsterdam,  Shanghai, the United Arab Emirates and Australia, and her works are included in numerous private collections.

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Exhibition Images

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