4 July - 28 July, 2007

Paintings by Christiana Szczerba

There is a certain unique beauty to stillness; to moments where the world itself pauses to catch its breath. Lovely Girl presents a dark collection of these tableaus, a captured second of a film noir narrative that we can only guess at.

A woman lays helpless and vulnerable, her makeup smudged and her dress dirtied. Surrounding her, a collection of delicate and beautiful imagery is juxtaposed with a past or impending violence- a storm on the horizon. The sublime landscape imprisoning her pale form is both a foil for her victimization and an extension of the sinister plotline.

Through its confrontational yet quiet nature, Lovely Girl preys on our fears and curiosities, our sentimentality and our pity. The mystery it presents, though compelling, is secondhand to the surreality of the scene itself. Beauty becomes an exaggerated veneer; the female form, a ravaged object. With her dark palette and cinematic mannerisms, Szczerba portrays a moment of vulnerability caught in the tension between anticipation and aftermath.

Christiana Szczerba is a recent graduate of the University of Tasmania and has shown in solo and group exhibitions in Hobart.

Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes

Christiana Szczerba, Laced

Christiana Szczerba, Lies Beneath (detail)

Christiana Szczerba, Maja

Christiana Szczerba, Regard

Christiana Szczerba, Repose

Christiana Szczerba, Shallows

Christiana Szczerba, Under (detail)