pressing matters - contemporary printmaking

2 july - 2 August, 2008
Opening on wednesday 2 july, 6-8 pm

Art has for a long time been categorized by the process of its production. Paintings are painted, drawings drawn. Contemporary printmaking therefore becomes a catch-all term for hundreds of techniques in which there is a technological intermediary. Negatives, templates, and chunks of wood are reinterpreted through machinery- a kind of necessary yet forced collaboration. Artists plan and edit while inkjet printers, light sensitive papers and heavy steel rollers print. The result is a blend of process and concept, the union of sensitivity and automated indifference.

This exhibition of Melbourne-based artists is an investigation into the current state of printmaking. By highlighting the diversity and scope of the discipline its commonalities come to the fore: issues of tradition versus innovation, registration and interface, appropriation and the multiple. These ideas echo throughout the work, and yet they are a similarity which each artist approaches and answers in a different way.

The following established and up-and-coming artists are featured in this show:

Alexis Beckett
Jazmina Cininas
Clare Humprhies
Gary James aka Spook
Ruth Johnstone
Damon Kowarsky
Julia Silvester
Andy Tetzlaff
Deb Williams

Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes


Ruth Johnstone, Stampa 1


Clare Humphries, Family Triage

Jazmina Cinanas, Rahne dreams of saving the world

Alexis Beckett, Grass Tree


Deb Williams, Chiwahwa Trail 2

Julia Silvester, Dolls House

Gary James aka Spook, A Rake's Progress

Damon Kowarsky, Shibam IV

Andrew Tetzlaff, MovingRemoving