29 August - 22 September, 2007
Opening on Thursday 30 August, 6-8 pm

Paintings by Jackie Ralph

Shape puts us among giants, a raw presentation of the sumo form. Removed from their pedestals of sand and their rings of heavy rope, these wrestlers symbolise a cultural tradition that has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years.

Cold blue forms coalesce from inky blackness.  Their shape is definite and yet the subtlety through which the paint plays across their figure pushes them towards abstraction.  Rough and heavy brush strokes intersect more delicate calligraphic marks, while colour moves in textured and smoky layers.  The dark recesses and black backgrounds create a sense of remoteness and disconnection, which is only furthered by the prevalence of a singular form.

These paintings do not directly correspond to the preconceived ideas of sumo wrestling.  They are viewed through a lens remote from sporting culture and disconnected from Japanese tradition.  The paint dominates the subject matter allowing it freedom to describe beyond the form.

Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes

Jackie Ralph, Sumo Throwing Salt 6

Jackie Ralph, Sumo Throwing Salt 7