summer salon

24 November 2010 - 26 february 2011

For those of you who missed out on seeing the work of these artists during the year.... now is your chance to catch them before the year ends... and perhaps pick up a little something for the festive season.

The following established and up-and-coming artists are featured in this show:

Jazmina Cininas

Sonia Clerehan

Sarah Gully

Lucy Irvine

Brendan Lee


Michael Mark

Jill Orr

Simon Perry

Cat Poljski

David Pottinger

Carmel Wallace

Exhibition Images

Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes

Simon Perry (detail) Submarine Psycho Nursery, 2010




Jazmina Cinanas, Maki is not afraid of werewolves either


David Pottinger, ceramics

Sarah Gully

Carmel Wallace,Red Wedge

Michael Mark , Untitled

Sonia Clerehan Desert Furrows


Jill Orr Southern Cross to bear and behold - Burning


Cat Poljski Midtown

Brendan Lee Memorial 1

Lucy Irvine The Drift (detail)