The Drift

5 March - 5 APRIL, 2008

Work by Lucy Irvine

The Drift translates a variety of experiences into woven organic forms. Associations with the natural environment can clearly be seen; recent visits to Wilsons Promontory, the High Country and the landscape near my home in Eltham have all influenced this body of work. More obscure observations from everyday life also play their part. For example, watching the pig carcasses being hauled into the butcher shop beside the café where I have my early morning coffee, or the monumental decay and disorder of the industrial estate surrounding my studio.

I am slowly increasing the scale of my sculpture to expand on the relationship between the materials, the forms and the craft used to create them.

The Drift echoes the erosion and shifts of landscape or the deterioration of a seashell, but maybe more subtly it also grapples with the lives we actually lead for the most part outside the sphere of nature.

Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes

Lucy Irvine, The Drift

Lucy Irvine, The Drift (installation view)