the sentimental blokes

3 june - 27 june, 2009

brendan lee

The Sentimental Blokes is the latest in Brendan Lee's ongoing exploration of the undercurrents of Australian identity. In his new series of photographs and videos, Lee tackles the Trade Union and construction industry's archetypes and lore. Lee combines elements from Australian films and iconic photography in a desire to portray the “Tradie” as a sentimental bloke paying homage to C.J Dennis' classic.

Lee's new series is timely in it's exploration into brand identity as part of the cultural iconography of Australia and what it means to those who wear them as emblems of pride.

The Sentimental Blokes is larrikinism at it's best. Bum cracks, work clobber, pole dancing and double iced coffees all combine to celebrate the end of an era and salute our national brands as they depart our fatal shores.

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Exhibition Images

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