Cat Poljski’s interest in how space is constructed set her to investigate the manner in which architects/artists initialise the beginnings of cities and buildings.  Her primary focus is on how space is constructed on a two-dimensional level to produce a three-dimensional illusion and the sensation of movement that is affiliated with our own experiences of cities and spaces.

For many years, Poljski’s work has involved specific forms, shapes and structures that exist in particular urban spaces. Façades, (rectangles, squares, grids and line) like masks, place a veil between what is assumed to be real and what exists beyond. From Melbourne to Manhattan and Beijing, the etchings that she produces are urban encounters that reflect city fragments. They are depicted as viewpoints, rather than literal observations. 

The works contain multiple layers revealing the formal structures of the real world captured through a camera lens and reconfigured through printmaking processes. The images are based on experiences associated with ‘ stepping out’ of a familiar environment with a mission to explore the density of mass produced environments. Space becomes the positive and negative; solid and void; liquid and frozen: - the flux of urban living.

The emphasis on architecture, curving geometries randomly positioned and fragmented make up the characteristics of a generic city of the imagination.

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Exhibition Images

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