Twofold world

1 april - 2 may, 2009

Work by pamela dale

Awarded the Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship in 1993, Dale has exhibited internationally – including Holland, France and Japan.  She has exhibited alongside internationally renowned artists such as Jeff Koons and Robert Maplethorpe.  Dale received a prestigious commission from Gloss Creative to produce the artwork for the ‘Myer Autumn/Winter 2008 Parade’ floor for the 2008 L’Oreal Fashion Festival. 

After more than a decade spent between Australia and Europe, Dale’s work is of an international style; exploring the historical interface between the Asiatic and the Occidental whilst also responding to an Australian connection with nature and storytelling.

This exhibition will include a combination of Dale’s vibrant assemblages and her sumptuous monochromatic paintings. 

The assemblages continue Dale’s interest in travel and fashion, with shoes, corsets and other outfits elegantly constructed from antique maps, French champagne labels and other materials.  These rich and colourful works allow the artist to explore and respond to her many experiences whilst residing in France.

Blues and whites predominate in her new paintings, with subtle melting shades of contrasting colours directing the eye and extending the narrative.  These free-form figurative paintings, intricately constructed, dance into life with demonstrated mastery and organic, fresh graphic brushwork.  Dale’s incorporation of diverse flora and fauna imbues the work with both contemporary and mythical meanings which reflects her unique Australian artistic identity. 

The works are layered and decorative in style revealing seductive and beautiful mise en scénes.  The undercurrents of her work call to attention the connection with mythical places, transient environments and the nature of beauty. 

Through viewing the paintings and the assemblages, the viewer is invited to garner meanings or escape into thoughts surrounding an artificial and illusory environment.

Exhibition Images


Exhibition Images

Exhibition Notes






Rue De Babylone Shoe, Stitched assemblage on paper, 2008

  Rue Charlot Champagne Shoe, Stitched assemblage on paper, 2008  












Lyre Bird, oil on canvas, 2008, 2000 x 1490mm




Magpies in Spring, oil on canvas, 2007, 1790 x 920mm